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Energy Supply Management can be a complicated in today’s unregulated environment.  Public utility commissions vary greatly from state to state on their vision of regulation.   Buckeye Energy Brokers market analysis provides customers with a path to energy price stability or guaranteed saving options to help manage energy procurement and price risk.

From national companies to local municipal facilities, our Energy Supply Management specialists can provide customized assessments of supply-side options based on energy exchanges, futures, regulations and market conditions.  Renewable energy and current trends could also impact our recommendations. As one of the first energy brokers, Buckeye Energy Brokers is not affiliated with any energy suppliers or equipment manufacturers. Our array of energy services objectively leads each customer toward the optimal solution for their unique situation.

Energy Saving Tips

1.  Install a programmable thermostat.

2. Look for the government's energy efficiency label, the Energy Star, when buying appliances.

3.  Close blinds in the summer to keep out the heat and open them in the winter to let in the sun.

4.  Turn off all lights, electronics, and appliances not in use. A power strip can help you turn off multiple items at once.

5.  Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs. 

6.  Utilize cold water over hot water.

7.  Change or clean air filters regularly to prevent a slow of air flow to requires your system to work harder.

8.  Reduce your water heater temperature to 130 degrees (F) and wrap your water storage tank in a specially designed blanket to retain the heat.

9.  Seal air leaks and properly insulate all structures.

10. Sign up for one of Buckeye Energy Broker's energy aggregation programs.

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